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Pulsar c64

Pulsar was a cracking and demo group, founded in the UK in 1988
on the Commodore 64 by Mik (who was a former member of Nato)
and several members of Sub-Zero.
In 1989 the group became international, when several members of
the Austrian group Sega joined in.
When Ikari had a break in 1989, Pulsar became number 1 cracking group
on the c64 (refer charts of several disk magazines from this period).
In the middle of 1989 more members arrived!
Wido from the Nederlands and the groups Thanatos (from Denmark)
and The Suppliers (from Norway) joined our forces.
After that the UK section left to join DCS (cracking group from the UK),
Wido quit the scene, so did the Norwaygian members
(the last thing we heard was, that they sold their c64's to buy snowboards:)
TMB in Austria and Bimz in Denmark took over the care of the group.
New members arrived from Finland, France and Germany.
The Danish and the German section have been active on the c64 till 1992,
that's the year when Pulsar quit c64 activities to focus other terretories...

Pulsar Amiga

In 1989 Pulsar also had first releases on the Amiga.
Former members in Austria and France as also new members from Germany
released some cracks and various intros/demos.
The Austrian section left for Scoopex the same year
and the German section was missing in action.
The French members of Pulsar continued this group till 1993,
the year when Pulsar seemed to be histroy.

Pulsar PC

who knows, maybe it comes true ;-)

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