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Commodore 64 emulation

if you got links to other c64 emulators,
missing links to here listed emulators
or information about newer versions
please report them to TMB!

thea64package.lha A64 3.01d AmigaOS
thea64package.20d.lha A64 2.0d AmigaOS

ale64112.zip ALE C64 1.12 Dos
alec64-1.12-aoutbin.tar.gz ALE C64 1.12 Linux/AOUT
alec64-1_12-elfbin.tgz ALE C64 1.12 Linux/ELF

axf-64.a31.lha AXF-64 Alpha31 AmigaOS (68020+)
axf-64.a23.lha AXF-64 Alpha23 AmigaOS (68020+)
axf-64.a19.lha AXF-64 Alpha19 AmigaOS (68020+)
3 files you need for this emulator: c64.basic c64.char c64.kernal.

bbox.zip BreadBox64 RiscOS

c64.lzh C64-Emulator AtariST (with source code)

C64 Emulator 2
c64emulator2.sfx C64 Emulator 2 C128

c64lcv31.zip C64LCV 0.3.1 Dos (doc's are Polish)
c64lcv30.zip C64LCV 0.3.0 Dos (doc's are Polish)
c64lcv2z.zip C64LCV 0.2.z Dos (doc's are Polish)

c64s252d.zip C64S 2.52 Dos (Demoversion)

cbm64f2.zip CBM64 2.7 Dos
cbm64f1.zip CBM64 2.5 Dos

ccs64dos.zip CCS64 2.0 Beta Dos (06.07.2001)
ccs64sid.zip CCS64 2.0 Beta Dos with Hardsid support (31.01.2001)
ccs64_32.zip CCS64 2.0 Beta Win32 (06.07.2001)
ccs32sid.zip CCS64 2.0 Beta Win32 with Hardsid support (06.07.2001)
ccs64109.zip CCS64 1.09 Dos
ccs64-1.09-aix-lib.tar.gz CCS64 1.09 Linux/IBM AIX 4.1.4
ccs64-1.09-i486linux-lib.tar.gz CCS64 1.09 Linux 2.0 (i386+)
ccs64-1.09-osf1-lib.tar.gz CCS64 1.09 Linux/OSF/1 (Digital UNIX 4.0)
ccs64-1.09.1-ui-src.tar.gz CCS64 1.09 Linux user interface source code

ComeBack64 (CB64)
cb6409g.zip CB64 0.9G Dos with source code
cb64w_beta4.zip CB64 Beta 4 Win32
cb64wb4s.zip CB64 Beta 4 Win32 source code
cb64wsource.zip CB64 Beta 3 Win32 source code
cb64java_alpha4.zip CB64 Alpha 4 Java
cb64-e105.zip CB64 0.3 WinCE Alpha Cassiopeia E-105
cb64ce-02-arm.zip CB64 0.2 WinCE/ARM
cb64ce-02-mips.zip CB64 0.2 WinCE/MIPS
cb64ce-02-sh3.zip CB64 0.2 WinCE/SH3
cb64unix-a2-src.tar.gz CB64 Unix Alpha 2 source code
cb64unix-a2-sparc.zip CB64 Unix Alpha 2 SunOS SPARC
cb64unix-a1-freebsd.tar.gz CB64 Unix Alpha 1 FreeBSD
cb64unix-a1-elf.tar.gz CB64 Unix Alpha 1 ELF
cb64unix-a1-aout.tar.gz CB64 Unix Alpha 1 a.out
cb64unix-a1-src.tar.gz CB64 Unix Alpha 1 source code
cb64_openvms_alpha1.zip CB64 OpenVMS Alpha 1

emulated C64 (EC64)
ec64_bootdisk-0.04-20010304.zip EC64 Linux Bootdisk 0.04
ec64-0.17-20010304.tar.gz EC64 0.17 Linux source code
ec64_bootdisk-0.01-20000430.zip EC64 Linux Bootdisk 0.01
ec64-0.09-20000430.tar.gz EC64 0.09 Linux source code
ec64-0.05.19991219.tar.gz EC64 0.05 Linux source code

e32frodo.src.030.tar.gz E32Frodo 0.30 source code
e32frodo.src.029.tar.gz E32Frodo 0.29 source code
e32frodo_v025_16colors.zip E32Frodo 0.25 EPOC 16 colors
e32frodo_v025_256colors.zip E32Frodo 0.25 EPOC 256 colors
e32frodo_v024_source.zip E32Frodo 0.24 source code
e32frodo_v024_16colors.zip E32Frodo 0.24 EPOC 16 colors
e32frodo_v024_256colors.zip E32Frodo 0.24 EPOC 256 colors

emu64_win9x_b111.zip Emu64 Win9x 1.11 beta
emu64_100b.zip Emu64 Dos 1.00 beta
emu64_009a.zip Emu64 Dos 0.09 alpha
emu64_008a.zip Emu64 Dos 0.08 alpha

free6401.zip Free64 0.01 Dos

frodo4_1src.zip Frodo 4.1 Win32 source code for Visual C++ 4.0
frodo4_1.zip Frodo 4.1 Win32
frodov4_1a.src.tar.gz Frodo 4.1a source code
frodov4_1a.be.ppc.zip Frodo 4.1a BeOS/PPC
frodov4_1a.be.x86.zip Frodo 4.1a BeOS/x86
frodov4_1.amiga.lha Frodo 4.1a AmigaOS
frodo.zip Frodo 4.1a RiscOS
frodo_4.1a_bin_hpux_10.20.tgz Frodo 4.1a HP-UX
frodo-419.sit.hqx Frodo 4.1.9 MacOS
frodov2_4.lhaFrodo 2.4 AmigaOs

hoxs64_06abeta.zip Hoxs64 0.6a beta Win32

J64 0.9 Java (only online available)

Java-C64 Java (only online available)

mac64-04.hqx Mac64 0.4 MacOs

magic64.lha MagiC64 1.81 AmigaOS (Demoversion)

MSN64 is a c64 emulator for Dos, maybe someone can send it to me?

Multi Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S.)
ms37b3b.zip M.E.S.S. 0.37b3 Dos
macmess-037b3.sit.hqx M.E.S.S. 0.37b3 MacOS
xmame-0.37b2.2.tgz M.E.S.S. 0.37b2 Unix source code
mess.lha M.E.S.S. 0.37b2 AmigaPPC WarpUP
solar02b4.tgz M.E.S.S. 0.37b3 Solaris
macmess-036.sit.hqx M.E.S.S. 0.36 MacOS
mess036b.zip M.E.S.S. 0.36 Dos
mess32-036b.zip M.E.S.S. 0.36 Win32
xmame-0.36.1.tgz M.E.S.S. 0.36 Unix source code
solar01.tgz M.E.S.S. 0.1 Solaris
ampup01.lha M.E.S.S. 0.1 Amiga PowerUP
arm01.zip M.E.S.S. 0.1 RiscOS

PersonalC64 (PC64)
pc64s215.zip PC64 2.15 Win32 source code
pc64w214.exe PC64 2.14 Win32
pc64d122.zip PC64 1.22 German Dos
pc64e122.zip PC64 1.22 English Dos
pc64s122.zip PC64 1.22 Dos source code

power64-31.hqx Power64 3.1 (Eng/Ger/Spa/Fre) Classic MacOS
power64-31-carbon.hqx Power64 3.1 (Eng/Ger/Spa/Fre) Carbon Edition
power64-27-en.hqx Power64 2.7 English Power Macintosh
power64-27-de.hqx Power64 2.7 German Power Macintosh
power64-27-es.hqx Power64 2.7 Spanish Power Macintosh
power64-27-fr.hqx Power64 2.7 French Power Macintosh

vice-1.7.tar.gz Vice 1.7 source code
vice17.zip Vice 1.7 Dos
winvice-1.7.zip WinVice 1.7 Win32
vice-riscos1_7.zip Vice 1.7 RiscOS
bevice-1.7.x86.zip BeVice 1.7 BeOS x86
vice-1.6.tar.gz Vice 1.6 source code
vice16.zip Vice 1.6 Dos
winvice-1.6.zip WinVice 1.6 Win32
vice-riscos1_6.zip Vice 1.6 RiscOS
vice-os2-1.6.zip Vice/2 1.6 OS/2
bevice-1.6.x86.zip BeVice 1.6 BeOS x86
vice-1.4.tar.gz Vice 1.4 source code
vice14.zip Vice 1.4 Dos
winvice-1.4.zip WinVice 1.4 Win32
vice-riscos1_4.zip Vice 1.4 RiscOS
vice-os2-1.4.zip Vice/2 1.4 OS/2

win64b40.exe Win64 V0.40 Beta Win32

X64 is a c64 emulator for XWindows/Linux, maybe someone can send it to me?

xcbm-0.1.2.tar XCBM 0.1.2 XWindows/Linux

Amiga emulation

coming soon

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